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The Box Of Youth.
The Three Most Important Exercise Books Ever Written! 3 Books for the price of one:  The Law of Youth!  The Book of Youth!  And the Wizard of Youth!  Free CD included!

The Wizard Of Youth 4 Kids!

Give your children the gift of health with this delightful story written in fairy-tale form

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Friday, June 23, 2017
You are here:  Wizard's Kid Game

The Wizard of Youth 4 Kids Board Game With FREE Book!

Introducing the Wizard of Youth 4 Kids book and board game, the very first board game and book to teach children the basics of how to take care of their body for the rest of their lives!  Played in successfully in schools and after school programs, this game is now available to everyone.

For the past 20 years, geriatric physical fitness trainer and author John Paul Ouvrier has been teaching older adults the basic common sense tools they never learned to take care of their body.  One of the things he always says in his lectures is, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have learned these things as children, because we would grow up knowing what to do!”  Wouldn’t it?
Now Mr. Ouvrier has made that advice a tangible fact by putting all the knowledge of working with older adults in their homes, convalescent facilities, retirement campuses, and with their medical professionals into a game and story that children love: The Wizard of Youth 4 Kids book and board game.
Approved by teachers and medical professionals, the board game and book (which are sold together) teach children the basic tools they need to take care of their body.  Children stay seated while playing, and are not asked to exercise.  They are simply educated as to the way the body works, so that exercise and healthy choices are a natural result.  The educational material is presented much the same way as learning to brush our teeth was presented to us, with which growing up and brushing our teeth is the result.  Imagine growing up exercising, too!!!
Ideas such as: Awareness of the body, proper exercise, diet choices, and what to include and not include to keep the body young and healthy.  In other words; all the good things we adults have had to learn the hard way about how to take care of our body in one place.  Where would your life be right now if you had these tools taught to you at a young age?
This game is the perfect gift for any young people in your life.  Played in elementary and middle schools and afterschool programs, with children 6 years and older, this game and accompanying book with enhance the health and future choices of all young people in your life.  The knowledge contained within the game are far too valuable to pass up.  Buy your copy today.
All games are mailed priority mail within the United States.  We have a special offer of shipping two games to the same address for the price of one- buy an extra game today!
All games are sold for the incredible low price of only $29.99- that includes the board game, all the playing pieces, the book, and FREE book marks that teach children how to read and use the computer safely! Order yours today!  (Please email the company for foreign shipping prices at

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