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Thursday, August 24, 2017
You are here:  Wizard Of Youth For Kids

Hi, I'm John Paul Ouvrier, the Wizard of Youth, thanks for coming to visit the Wizard of Youth 4 Kids section of our site.

The Wizard of Youth 4 Kids is exactly what every child needs to stay young and healthy their entire lives.  The book, and the new board game show children the principles behind a healthy life in a fun and entertaining way.  The book and game have been successfully read and played with in the classroom since 2009 with great success, and now it's  your turn to take care of your children with these amazing products.

There are several different ways to get this product. 

First, there is the traditional printed book, sure to be a treasured keepsake for your children's future.  There is also the printed game; a wonderful board game kids love- short and sweet, and right to the point.  Both available in our store for you to purchase.  They are also available at  

And I am very proud to also offer aFREE downloadable version of the Wizard of Youth 4 Kids.  This is the same as the printed book; the amazing book designed to give kids a basic understanding of their body. It is free to anyone, teacher or parent to use for their classroom or directly with their children.   I have made this downloadable version free because I have watched teachers pay out their own pockets for classroom supplies to teach both of my children.  I am a proud father of two children, and I have watched for years teachers spending their own money on additional educational materials, and have sadly seen many classroom exercise modules discontinued. The Wizard of Youth 4 Kids is an answer to this challenge in a fun and entertaining way.

This is my gift to all those teachers who are so committed to their students they do what they have to do.  Please share this free information with everyone you know, and when it is time to purchase the game and printed book, my shop is open to your business. 

Okay, let me share with you exactly what the story is about, and why it is so important to all children in the world.  The Wizard of Youth 4 Kids is a story about two young teens who seek to understand why their parents are not getting healthier, even though they exercise and seem to be doing the right things. Most adults do not get healthier despite exercise.  In fact statistically, exercise fails more people than it helps.  Exercise fails most people because they do not have a basic understanding of their body before they begin.  Therefore they end up reinforcing the very physical habits that have hurt them in the first place with exercise.  Poor habits such as tight shoulders, shallow breathing, and protruding stomachs are only reinforced through physical activity if a person is unaware of what they are doing. 

This book and game shed a light to this, stopping children from failing by teaching them what to do before they begin.  This is like a simple course of learning to brush the teeth, so the Wizard of Youth 4 Kids provides a simple understanding of taking care of the body.  Imagine a world where kids knew enough about their body to know what was working or not working.  We wouldn't have adults who keep falling, wearing out their joints, giving up, popping pills, etc.  The real world of health is a scary one.  It is nothing like the commercials on TV.  It is a sad, uniformed market place of adults who will buy anything to keep them young, without understanding it is they, who through a lack of understanding basic body mechanics and what poor physical habits do in the long term, Over-Age themselves and end up years older than they should be.  If this is you, and odds are it is (it was me for years, too!) then you need to order the Box of Youth for yourself!

This book is appropriate reading material for children in the 4th grade on up. Flesch/Kinkade reading scores rank it at grade level 4.9, with a readability of 79%, both very good scores for a children's book.  The game works best with children from 6 to 12 years old.  (Parents; please play the game with your children!)  The children love the story, want to know what happens, and don't realize the true value of what they are learning. They also enjoy the additional printed material that is from the book, and reinforces its lessons.  They also love the game, and don't realize they are playing a game that is programming them for optimal health for the rest of their lives. 

In short, I love what I do, and I do not want any child growing up not knowing how to take care of their body. The Wizard of Youth 4 Kids is the first book of its kind, it is life changing, and it is FREE for you to share with as many children as you can and change the world.

Please sign in or register above to get your free material. Once registered, you will see aa area on the left side of this page with links to this FREE material,as well as links to purchase the book and game directly. Thank you for your time, and please tell everyone about us! God Bless.

John Paul Ouvrier
The Wizard of Youth.

P.S. Can you imagine a world where children grow up knowing how to take care of their body?  What a wonderful world that is their birthright

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