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Thursday, August 24, 2017
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The Wizard Of Youth
4 Kids


Written as an answer to teaching children how to save their health, fight obesity, and grow up without health problems, the Wizard of Youth 4 Kids is a wonderful tale about a boy and girl and their adventures in seeking out the Wizard of Youth.  During their journey to help themselves and their parents, they discover how to take care of themselves for the rest of their lives.
   This amazing book is filled with simple pictures, easy to undertand charts, and comes with a full teaching guide.  Follow up material available on-line at
   This book is a must read for all children from the 4th grade and up.  Read this book to your children today, and give them the most precious gift they could ever receive; the gift of health.
   Originally written as a FREE resource for teachers in the classroom, this book is now available to parents and caregivers of children everywhere.

The Wizard of Youth
4 Kids
Coloring and Fun book!

A 14 page book to to color and learn about how to take care of your health. used in the classroom, and a perfect accompaniment to the book and game. Loved by children; complete with a hidden dragon on each page, and a special message about independence for health in the back from the Wizard!

The Wizard of Youth
4 Kids
Activity book!

A 17 page book that includes activities such as all the charts to stay young and healthy, a crossword, a word search, a question quiz, a 'write a story' challenge, and a certificate of completion.  Used in the classroom, and a wonderful accompaniment to the book and game. 



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