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Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Elders Right To Excercise Proposal Minimize

Help us today! Sign up and Join our Cause.
Protect our Senior Citizens Right to Exercise and your Future!

We must stop this abuse from happening, or it will happen to us!!!

Thank you for your interest in the rights of our senior citizens to exercise, and stopping those who interfere with these rights. When I think about this gray area of abuse, I am reminded of the saying by Edmund Burke who said, “All it takes for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

I can do nothing no more...

Most of us can get up and take a walk anytime we‟d like, however how would you like to “not be allowed” to go out and take that walk? How would you like to not be allowed to get out of bed and exercise, even though you want to? How would you like to be forced to sit in a chair or be stuck in a bed, „not being allowed‟ to take care of yourself? I‟d like to share with you a cause that is close to my heart.

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I have worked in retirement communities for years, and while most have employees assist the residents, there are those who do not help the residents, but in my opinion, actually hurt them.
There are certain nurses who have the power to decide that a resident shouldn't exercise near the end of his or her life, because it may not be good for them. I am not referring to those elderly patients recovering from operations, or for those that need to rest, but to those whose health is fragile, and are residents within long term health care facilities. In these cases, many elderly are kept immobile, because it is less trouble to the staff, and is less of a liability.
Now most doctors and nurses are well aware of a patients‟ rights, and will only advise a patient not to exercise, but they won‟t stop them. This is not always the case with these particular nurses.

These nurses routinely stop elderly patients from exercising through a variety of methods. They will write what is called a “DE Order”, or “Discontinue Exercise Order”. They will insist a resident has had a “Change of Condition”, and therefore exercise must stop to investigate. Older adults end up having to get written permission from their doctor that they can continue exercising, or the nurses will not allow the exercise instructor to enter the premises.
In other words, through a variety of processes, theses nurses can slow down the time with which a resident can return to exercise. They are referred to as “Not rehab friendly” by the physical therapists.

I refer to them as “Death Nurses”, whose motivations seem to be the ability to control their surroundings, reduce liability and protect their jobs, instead of their abilities to help their patients and or residents. Sadly, they shed a poor light on their peers, who are some of the hardest working people in the health industry. Here are some examples:

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  • When a senior is in a bed ridden situation, and they wish to exercise, a “Death Nurse” can hold up their request for weeks or months at a time. (In the oldest age groups, this is equivalent to letting someone die.)
  • When a senior goes to the doctor for something that the “Death Nurse” deems serious, the “Death Nurse” will write what is called a D.E. Order (Discontinue Exercise Order). When this is signed, no one can touch the senior. The only person who can override this is the doctor. Most doctors in cases such as this become very angry when a nurse makes these kinds of decisions for their patients. They are even more angry when they find out that the nurse will not allow the patient to exercise without a written prescription from the doctor, thus treating the doctor and patient like children. In cases like this, it is as if the nurse in charge is somehow competing with the doctor for the final say- at the cost of the health of the patient.

When a senior is exercising, and a “Death Nurse” gets involved, all of us who are trainers and rehab professionals hold our breath. We never know what is going to happen next. Will we be allowed to see a patient? Will therapy and training be held up, and for how long? Will a patient be sent to the hospital for false “Changes of Condition,” thus once again holding up the process until a note from the doctor is received? Will we be removed from the case? We constantly have to fight to keep our people alive and active.

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Over the years, although I have spoken up many times, it hasn't helped. I have lost precious business and watched seniors suffer. I have watched these “Death Nurses” make seniors and employees fear them, and make life difficult on outside caregivers. I have been told if I don‟t like how they run their business, I could be asked to stay off the premises. Too many retirement communities who employ “Death Nurses” believe they can operate within their own laws, as if they are independent countries. While life on the outside may appear to be one thing, life on the inside is another.

Many times the patient is too weak to fight for their rights, and sometimes getting stuck in bed for several weeks is all it takes for the fragile health of an elderly person to collapse.

I am choosing to fight this kind of abuse, and my cause is called E.R.T.E.P.

ERTEP stands for the Elders Right To Exercise Proposal.

My goal is to raise public awareness so that older adults are allowed their freedom to exercise. Like other laws in the health industry, patients should be informed, and given a choice.
What I wish therefore, in summary, is simple:

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“That no nurse or employee who is in charge of helping senior citizens be legally allowed to stop or hold up a senior’s right to exercise. The only person who is allowed to amend a senior’s exercise program is their doctor. And no one may ever remove a senior’s right to health and fitness.”

By making doctors responsible for their patients' rights, “Death Nurses” will not be able to get away with what they currently can now. Doctors need to police their nurses, and nurses need to have boundaries.

Sadly I have also witnessed doctors who decide that an elderly patient‟s quality of life is not improving, and they then decide to reduce or eliminate needed medicines, keeping only pain reduction medications in place. While this is another subject, please keep this in mind:
Until the law is amended to protect these rights, protect yourself accordingly:

If you move in a retirement facility, insist in writing, that you reserve the right to try and take care of yourself, no matter how dire the staff believes your health to be. If you don’t protect yourself while you can make rational decisions, don’t count on a “Death Nurse” or a doctor who views patients as numbers, to make a healthy choice for you.

Please join our cause, make your voice heard, and help seniors everywhere. Please sign up with your name and email, so we may as a team, amend the current laws to include these simple and decent considerations for our seniors. Ultimately, the seniors we help today, will lay the groundwork for how we are treated tomorrow, when we are the seniors.

Click Here To Download The Proposal

Please read the proposed rules on our ERTEP proposal pages. They are simple and straight forward, and are what any decent person should do. The rules are written as such because I have witnessed “Death Nurses” breaking each one of them.

The only way to change how these “Death Nurses” treat people is to change the law. While the majority of nurses today are wonderful people, their counterparts must be stopped.

If you agree with these rules, or have an opinion as to improving these ideas, please register to this web-site, sharing any stories you may have. Your name and personal information will not be shared with anyone, and remain strictly confidential.

If you can, print a copy of the E.R.T.E.P. rules, and post them in facilities where your loved ones reside. It is time for this abuse to end.
Please help. Our generation, the younger generation must do this, as many of our seniors are not strong enough to fight the good fight. In helping them then, we are helping ourselves. Our goal is to turn these rules into law, and we need your help. Thank you.

John Paul Ouvrier,
The Wizard of Youth

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