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Thursday, August 24, 2017
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About John

John Paul Ouvrier has been a professional fitness trainer for over fifteen years. He specializes in working with people of all ages, focusing on older adults. His work embraces the common sense ways to take care of the body, by both increasing freedom of movement and enhancing quality of life. His company Hollywood Fitness has been offering exercise instruction and supplying equipment to the film industry since 1996.

In the years before personal training, John enjoyed a career as a professional ballroom dancer. It was during this time the principles of the Wizard of Youth were formed. John spent many hours teaching those who normally wouldn't be able to find success with dancing. His students included deaf people, those with prosthesis, stroke victims, heart attack survivors, and even the biggest challenge of all, wedding couples!

John's passion for physical fitness came from over-coming through exercise severe scoliosis of the spine. Through years worth of work, he developed an understanding of the body that he has used sucessfully within the retirement industry for the past 15 years.  His passion for health has been hard fought, defeating addictive behaviors such as drinking and smoking, while minor setbacks such as dyslexia have kept him humble and patient with students.  John's clients include children from six years old to youthful adults one hundred years young!  His teachings are adapted to the individual student. His programs are endorsed both by celebrities and members of the medical field. He is a consultant to a number of large companies, and is the author of  four books in the Wizard of Youth series, The Master's Course, and the Wizard of Youth 4 Kids Board Game.  His first book Body Power, was around long enough to go through three editions. 

He is the father to two wonderful children, lives in Southern California, and enjoys being taken on walks by his dog. Sign up today for the best information in the world for staying younger and healthier than you ever thought possible.


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